Settling In Process

Settling In Process

We are aware that leaving your child in a new environment is a tricky business so we have worked hard to establish a defined process for making this as simple and painless as possible for you and your little one.

We do this by taking a stepped approach to getting them used to us and us used to them. We find this really helps.

We usually find that three sessions, each an hour, is the right amount of time to make this work well. However this is totally flexible and we can work with your needs to get the perfect solution.

Session 1 - Getting To Know Each Other

You will stay with your little one in the room they will be joining. This gives you a chance to see their new environment and help them transition into it. You'll get the chance to show our team how you provide care and routine and they will use that information to tailor the care your little one will get so that it is as close to the home setting as possible. This might be showing them how settle them for a nap, how they like to be held while feeding or what kind of play styles they enjoy most.

Session 2 - Admin & Settling In

You will leave your little one alone with our team on their own. Don't worry though, you won't be far away. We invite you into our staff room for a cuppa and a biscuit so that you are nearby just in case.

You will then fill in the final forms and once that's all wrapped up you collect your little one after a successful first stay.

Session 3 - Stay & Play

On this visit, you are settling your child and leaving us in charge for a full hour. This will either be at 10am or 2pm giving you a break to go and have some 'you-time' while we care for your child. This lets everyone see how settled your little one is and is a great indicator of how their first real day will go. 


First Day

You will drop them off at the normal time, help to settle them if you need to and then go about your day, safe in the knowledge that our team will be providing home-from-home care, just like you would. :)

We are happy for you to call us to check in as many times as you'd like while they're getting comfortable with their new routine.

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