Our Ofsted Reports

Ofsted Reports

At our latest inspection, we were thrilled to be graded 'Outstanding'.

Read our Ofsted reports below, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

2018 (Outstanding)

Highly qualified and well-trained staff make extremely accurate assessments of children's learning. Staff work extremely closely with parents to provide a sensitive and tailored approach for children's care. Children show excellent levels of motivation. Excellent partnerships with an extensive range of other professionals help to ensure a highly successful joined up approach to children's learning. Young children join in enthusiastically, independently measuring flour, adding water and mixing the ingredients together to make dough. They show their excellent understanding of cause and effect as they use excellent vocabulary to describe the changing textures.

See more about the 2018 report.

2013 (Good)

Parents are given every opportunity to be involved in their children's development. Clear Policies and Procedures,  thorough risk assessments and daily safety checks help ensure that children are safe and secure.

See more about the 2013 report.

2010 (Good)

Children are interested and enthusiastic to learn. Their knowledge of the world around them is effectively promoted through a sound range of resources, celebrating festivals and engaging in discussions. Staff encourage the children to care for the empathy doll and more able children are eager to talk about when they take him home and the things they do together. All children have opportunities to learn about information and communication technology. Younger children play with musical toys and learn about cause and effect as they push the buttons and hear the sounds. More able children have opportunities to develop their skills on the computer as they confidently use the keyboard and mouse.

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2007 (Good)

Children are well cared for in a safe, secure and very welcoming environment. Children's security is given high priority and practitioners supervise them closely

See more about the 2007 report.

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