2007: Good

2007 - Good

On effectiveness

Children benefit from regular physical exercise. The outdoor area is not yet completed but they have good alternative indoor provision where they successfully manoeuvre wheeled toys and crawl in and out of play tents. They thoroughly enjoy frequent sessions of music and dance and use stepping stones to improve their balance.

On safeguarding

Children are well cared for in a safe, secure and very welcoming environment. Children's security is given high priority and practitioners supervise them closely. Access to the building is carefully monitored and the outdoor area is secure.

On achievement 

Children are confident and curious. They play well together for long periods of time and form strong friendships with their peers. For example, children play in the home corner with medical equipment. They ask what various equipment is used for. Staff explain and help children to listen to each other's hearts with the stethoscope or give pretend injections. They engage in meaningful conversation and recall familiar times when they went to the doctors or were ill.



Pippins Says:

Just months after we opened, we were assessed as good. This set the tone for the years to come.
- Gillian

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