2013: Good

2013 - Good

On Meeting Children's Needs

The nursery provides a stimulating environment where children are supported well in their learning. They are, therefore, making good progress taking account of their starting points and abilities.

All staff have a good understanding of the areas of learning. They enable children to develop a secure foundation for their future learning by promoting their physical, personal, social and emotional development and their communication and language skills very effectively

On Provision

Children's health and well-being is of the highest priority and staff promote their understanding of good hygiene through careful explanation and good supervision.

Menus are displayed and show a well-balanced diet, providing children with a good range of meals. The menu takes account of children's allergies and any special dietary needs. Babies and children are encouraged to feed themselves and appropriate cutlery is provided to suit their development.

On Leadership

The premises are secure and risk assessments are reviewed regularly to identify any hazards. Daily safety checks are completed before children go outside. The pre-school children use their own safety check form before everyone goes out, ticking the boxes for items they have looked at.

Parents spoken to during the inspection are very confident their children are secure and safe.

Pippins Says:

Another great report from the inspectors, showing just what great care we provide.
- Gillian

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