2010: Good

2010 - Good

Overall Effectiveness

Children take part in a good range of activities which are planned according to individual interests, to promote awareness of diversity and inclusion and to ensure regular opportunities for outdoor play. Strong leadership and management help build effective team working, and all staff contribute to the ongoing development of the service through effective self-evaluation.

Effectiveness of leadership

Staff promote positive and supportive relationships with parents and carers. Information is shared around the playrooms about the Early Years Foundation Stage, and there are daily opportunities for sharing information verbally in order to meet individual needs. Such discussions are supported by daily sheets that record food intake, nappy changes, sleep patterns and achievements for the younger children. Parents are welcomed into the nursery to share their skills and knowledge, in order to support children's learning.

Quality and standards

Children of all ages enjoy developing their creativity and are provided with good daily opportunities through free painting, planned craft activities, play dough and joining in with singing and action rhymes. Children develop their knowledge of recycling as they make models using empty packages, wool and material. Staff have further involved children in recycling by encouraging them to learn about materials which can be recycled, and by planting and growing their own vegetables and flowers.

Pippins Says:

Another good year, well done Girls!
- Gillian

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